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Events Calendar

Flying Times

7th August
All Up Last Down Comp.

Club Night
13th September, 8pm

Flying Hours

Flying TimesWe are now on our Winter flying hours.  Have a look at our Field Information for more details of our flying times.

Club Championship

Our 2016 TMFC Club Championship is well under way, and the Electric All Up Last Down compe will be held on 7th August (subject to weather).

Founded in 1966, and named Tyldesley Model Flying Club in 1970, the club has grown from a few brave soul's throwing very fragile, lightweight model aircraft into the air, into what can be seen today.

A Day In The Life

An update regarding the TMFC flying site

Thanks to a concerted effort by a select group of our members, we have finally secured our awesome new flying field.

Outstanding issues have been resolved with the farmer and although it may not immediately be as long a term solution as we would like at this time, we do have a new home to go to at last, with the sun on our backs and the ability to fly any aircraft seven days a week if we choose to. A rental fee has been agreed and mowing and field lay out will commence asap.

Test flying only can be done at this time to ascertain the best circuits and layout of the new site and until the end of this year flying will continue on our existing field. This allows preparation of the new site, transportation of our equipment and is as arranged with our new landlord.

There is still lots to talk about as we plan how best to manage our transition to this site, so please do try to attend the club nights on the second Tuesday in the month to keep yourself abreast of the issues.

Our sincere thanks go to all parties involved in securing our new field.