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Events Calendar

Flying Times

8th May
Limbo Competition

15th May
Scale Day

Club Night
10th May, 8pm

Flying Hours

Flying TimesWe are now on our Winter flying hours.  Have a look at our Field Information for more details of our flying times.

Club Championship

Our 2016 TMFC Club Championship is well under way, and the Limbo competition will be held on 8th May (subject to weather).

Founded in 1966, and named Tyldesley Model Flying Club in 1970, the club has grown from a few brave soul's throwing very fragile, lightweight model aircraft into the air, into what can be seen today.

A Day In The Life

A word regarding the TMFC flying site

Sadly, Tyldesley Model Flying Club has been informed by its current landlord that our site will be unavailable for us to use from March 2017. The rumour mill has been very busy and so we would like to clarify that this is simply due to our landlord's changing business direction.

There has been no falling out with our landlord, the council or the neighbouring Bolton Gun Club, no in-club power battle and there has most certainly been no accident or incident.

We are already in search of a new site. The club's monthly meeting in April was very well attended and lots of ideas were banded around. It was very clear that the members of the club see this as an opportunity. It is certainly not the first time we have had to find a new flying site although we have been at our present site since the 1980s. Maybe in the future we can fly with the sun behind us rather than in front, but for now the flying goes on and here's hoping for a bumper Summer 2016 flying season.