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Events Calendar

Flying Times

7th August
All Up Last Down Comp.

4th September
Charity Day

Club Night
9th August, 8pm

Flying Hours

Flying TimesWe are now on our Summer flying hours.  Have a look at our Field Information for more details of our flying times.

Club Championship

Our 2016 TMFC Club Championship is well under way, and the Electric All Up Last Down compe will be held on 7th August (subject to weather).

Founded in 1966, and named Tyldesley Model Flying Club in 1970, the club has grown from a few brave soul's throwing very fragile, lightweight model aircraft into the air, into what can be seen today.

A Day In The Life

An update regarding the TMFC flying site

The Tyldesley Model Flying Club is very pleased to announce that it has provisionally secured the unrestricted use of a fantastic new flying site. The club will take possession of the land on Astley Moss in a few weeks time and the transition from our old home of 26+ years just 1/4 of a mile away, can begin. The large grass site will suit models of all sizes and types including large models, jets, rotary winged and multi-rotor and the club has been given permission to site its existing and somewhat awesome, pit area infrastructure, which includes heated accommodation, solar charging stations, starting benches and toilet facilities. Membership for all levels of pilot competencies remains open and it is expected that subscriptions will remain fixed at current levels for 2017.
Three months of searching has finally been rewarded with what will be an improvement in every way to the existing flying site once we are established, the sun to our backs and a much larger clear area to overfly in front.  Excellent News.